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32Regulatory Rapporteur – Vol 14, No 11, November 2017 www.topra.orgRegulatory information managementThe acceleration of RIM transformation Across the life sciences industry, organisations are implementing broad organisational and technological change initiatives to drive e ciencies across the RIM landscape. According a Gens & Associates report in 2016,1 86% of companies surveyed are embarking on transformational change in one or more of the 17 regulatory capabilities tracked in the report. While most transformations are in early stages, 85% of companies expect to realise signi cant business bene ts within the next two to three years. Regulatory transformation initiatives are also bigger and broader than they used to be. Historically, regulatory capabilities have generally been upgraded piecemeal, with individual change initiatives to processes or systems within speci c areas. Today, companies are taking a more holistic approach to e ecting regulatory change, with end-to-end initi...