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University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Guidelines for Scientific Collecting, Salvage, and Import/Export Permits for Specimens Scientific Collecting Permits • UMMZ researchers are responsible for obtaining their own scientific collecting permits from state, federal, or foreign agencies. UMMZ researchers also are responsible for submitting accurate reports to the permitting agency of specimens taken, if required by the permit. Copies of all permits must be given to curatorial staff at the time that specimens or specimen parts (e.g., non-vouchered tissues) are deposited for accessioning and cataloguing. • If a scientific collecting permit or a license (hunting/fishing) is required by states for collection of specimens, then the researcher must have one on file. Collection of protected species follows stricter state permit requirements than non-regulated species. State permit regulations vary from state-to-state. Salvage Permits • The Museum has both a federal and state salvage permit th...