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University of Pennsylvania WorkingPapers in LinguisticsVolume 6Issue 2 Selected Papers from NWAV 27 Article 11-1-1999PrefaceChristine MoissetMimi LipsonThis paper is posted at ScholarlyCommons. http://repository.upenn.edu/pwpl/vol6/iss2/1For more information, please contact [email protected] to you by COREView metadata, citation and similar papers at core.ac.ukprovided by [email protected] University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics (PWPL) is an occasional series published bythe Penn Linguistics Club, the graduate student organization of the Linguistics Department of the Universityof Pennsylvania. The series has included volumes of previously unpublished work, or work in progress, bylinguists with an ongoing affiliation with the Department, as well as volumes of papers from the NWAVEconference and the Penn Linguistics Colloquium. The current PWPL series editors are Jim Alexander, AlexisDimitriadis, Na-‐Rae Han, Elsi Kaiser, Mic...