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International Journal of English, Literature and Social Sciences (IJELS) Vol-4, Issue-6, Nov – Dec 2019https://dx.doi.org/10.22161/ijels.46.21 ISSN: 2456-7620www.ijels.com Page | 1766University wits as Transitory Playwrights whoset Preclude to Realistic Literature inElizabethan ageAniruddh ShastreeFreelance Human Resource Consultant and content [email protected]— ‘University Wits’ is a title given to a group of writers of the late 16th Century England by a 19thCentury Scholar named George Saintsbury. These writers were educated either from Oxford or CambridgeUniversities and wrote plays to earn their livelihood. In spite of the fact that these writers wrote without anypatronage and had led short and stormy life, their importance in the history of English literature is due to theiroutstanding contribution towards the transformation of the theme of literature that was limited to puritanisticand moralistic writing to a more realistic yet didactic, heroic yet bas...