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Unley VergesPlanting GuideGarden design ideas, planning tips & plant suggestions for greening your nature strip About this Guide 3Introduction 4Guidelines for Verge Landscaping 5Design Tips 6Garden Designs 8Disclaimer: The information provided in this booklet is to be used as a guide. All information given is believed to be correct and provided through our experience and local knowledge in the City of Unley conditions, given in good faith without prejudice. We accept no responsibility for any loss, cost or damage resulting from following information provided in this guide.Contents 3CITY OF UNLEYAbout this GuidePlants can transform a verge into an attractive feature, setting off an individual property and contributing to the overall appeal of the neighbourhood.Verges filled with dolomite are not water permeable. If these are replaced with loam and low plantings or lawn maintained by residents, it will help improve soil moisture, reflected heat and add to the cool, green feel of the City...