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Page 1 of 6 Urban Design Brief Terms of Reference June, 2019 Introduction What is the purpose of an Urban Design Brief? The purpose of an Urban Design Brief is to allow for the urban design elements of development to be evaluated. The City of Guelph, through documents such as the Urban Design Action Manual and the City’s Official Plan, has emphasized the importance of urban design excellence. This requires conscious and coordinated efforts on the part of the public and private sectors. The Urban Design Brief is one tool the City uses to:  ensure new developments have examined opportunities/constraints of a site; and  provide design solutions that are context-sensitive and respond to urban design policy context. It will also help coordinate and articulate how the elements of the public and private realm will work together. When is an Urban Design Brief required? Generally, as part of the pre-consultation process, an Urban Design Brief is required for larger projects and/or in key area...