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Urban Design Requirements: BEAUTIFUL Site Planning Building Setback The development shall comply with NParks and URA’s requirements for green buffer and physical setback along public roads. The development shall provide min. 2m setback for peripheral planting along common boundaries. Vehicular Access All proposed vehicular access shall be subject to LTA’s requirements and approvals. Platform level Internal platform level of the building shall not be higher than +1.2m in relation to the access points of the adjoining road levels. Any differences between the building platform level, the covered / open walkway and the adjacent roadside pedestrian walkway shall be mitigated within the building line at the first storey. The Developer shall consult all relevant agencies on the technical requirements of the proposed platform levels. Service Area Service areas, including the refuse bin centre, electrical substation, MDF rooms, water tanks, fuel tanks, cooling towers, condensers, loading / unlo...