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Public Life Tools Using Public Life Tools: The Complete Guide This guide will teach you how to carry out surveys of public spaces and the public life that takes place in them. Gehl Institute for public life LET’S STUDY PUBLIC LIFE What is public life and why do we measure it? Public life is the social activity that takes place in everyday public spaces -- on streets, in parks and plazas, and in spaces between buildings. We measure certain aspects of public life to better understand what’s already happening in a place and what changes might provide public benefits. We also measure public life to better understand the impact of our projects, which might include design interventions (such as building a new playground) or cultural programming (such as organizing a concert series). What is a survey? What are these tools? By SURVEY, we mean a study of the physical and social elements of a place. A survey can encompass many forms of data collection, from mapping benches to counting cyclists t...