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VA Lenders HandbookChapter 10The Appraisal Process 2Chapter 10 The Appraisal ProcessKey changes:•Emphasizes Customer Service•Promotes Appraisal Timeliness•Incorporates Outstanding Circulars 3Chapter 10 The Appraisal ProcessTimesavers for requesting appraisals:•Upload lengthy legal descriptions on a separate document•If the appraisal is for a purchase, promptly upload the sales contract•Provide contact information for the person who will provide access to the property without any additional calls 4Chapter 10 The Appraisal ProcessAppraisal timeliness•Monitored closely by VA•VA timeliness standards available at http://www.benefits.va.gov/HOMELOANS/appraiser_fee_schedule.asp•Timeliness standards ensure that Veterans receive appraisals as fast or faster than conventional appraisals•Appraisers should schedule appointment within two business days of receiving the assignment•Appraiser must place notes in WebLGYto inform the lender of any delays beyond the appraiser’s control in obtaining acces...