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Value PRICING forConcierge Accountants™ Workbook by Jackie Meyer,CPA, CTCObjectiveDetermine how value pricing is right for your firm and step by step implementation of your first current client.How do you bill a client? And what are your fears of value pricing? Welcome to The Circle of TrustFinding Confidence in Your WhyHow to Implement Value PricingWhat Is the ResultNow WhatWorkbookValue PRICING forConcierge Accountants™@Copyright 2021 The Certified Concierge Accountant™.Redistribution prohibited.2Agenda1. 3Case Study - Meyer Tax Jackie Meyer started her CPA firm, Meyer Tax, at age 27 and grew it quickly. She consulted for CCH tax software (to cover the bills) at conferences and was a top rated speaker, but gave it up to continue to grow her firm. The firm was paperless from the start, and the last thing Jackie wanted was staff. Early on, she had a remote team of four, and as her firm grew, so did her team; her firm eventually grew to a team of ten. Jackie says, “The hardest year was 20...