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A Description of the Works of TitianofCadore, Painter[c.1487/90-1576]In the year 1480,* Titian was born in Cadore, a small town onthe River Piave, five miles from the pass through the Alps, tothe Vecelli family, one of the noblest in those parts, and when,at the age of ten, he showed fine wit and a lively mind, he wassent to Venice to the home of an uncle of his, a respected cit-izen, who saw that the boy had a real propensity for the art ofpainting and who placed him with Giovanni Bellini, a skilfuland very famous painter of those times, as we have said,*under whose instruction he applied himself to the art of designand very quickly proved that he had been gifted by Naturewith all those qualities of intelligence and judgement whichare necessary for the art of painting. And because at the timeGiovanni Bellini and the other painters of that region had notstudied ancient works, they frequently, or rather almost ex-clusively, copied everything from life, but with a dry, harsh,and laboured...