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VERBAL COMMUNICATIONDay 314th of April2021Project number: 2019-1-IT02-KA204-062395 ??? We use words to convey only 35% of messages, which means that verbal communication -compared to the non-verbal one -is quite poor.All kinds of gestures, facial expressions and body position are a necessary complement to it.Misunderstandings often arise when messages are communicated solely through words -e.g. when we contact someone over the phone or via the Internet.It may be difficult to express emotions appropriately or convey a specific message clearly, understandable to the other party.Whatisverbalcommunication? Whatisverbalcommunication?Verbal communication is a way of communicating with others using spoken or written language.It is the basic foundation of human social functioning, regardless of race, place of birth or intelligence quotient -it is the basic way of communication.By creating messages with words, we can achieve very different goals and convey information in a way that is unders...