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VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES Effective communications drives all aspects of day-to-day life. Youth are to learn about the process of communications, to learn about different modes of communications and to strengthen their own communications skills. As you explore the world of communications and the manuals, you will enjoy learning more about yourself and others. Youth completing this project are expected to participate in a variety of experiences allowing them to develop communication skills rather than create an exhibit to be displayed at the county or state fair. A series of 4-H manuals is available with activities designed to develop communication skills at a specific grade level. Module 1 is for Beginner Level youth in grades 3-5. Module 2 is for Intermediate Level youth in grades 6-8. Module 3 is for Advanced Level youth in grades 9-12. To complete this project a member’s adult mentor is to provide verification the member participated in at least one of the followin...