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Natural | Connected | ProsperousVerge Landscaping & Maintenance GuidelinesNatural | Connected | Prosperous The Verge Landscaping and Maintenance Guidelines were originally produced by the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River in consultation with Transition Margaret River in May 2013.Photos are courtesy of Nature Conservation Margaret River Region.Updated November 2020. Street TreesThe Shire’s objectives for street trees are to:• Preserve and enhance street trees and shrubs within townsites in the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, including parks and reserves vested in the Shire. • Integrate future provision of landscaping with the existing natural vegetation to create an attractive landscape that preserve and protect the natural and constructed environment.Street trees are an integral component of urban streetscapes, encouraging pedestrian and cyclist use, community interaction and fewer vehicle trips. • Provision of street trees provides shade to buildings, outdoor living areas, and street ...