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1A Level Film Studies - Focus Film FactsheetVertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1958)Component 1: Varieties of Film and Film-Making (AL)Component 1: American Film (AS)Core Study Areas:Key Elements of Film FormMeaning & ResponseThe Contexts of FilmSpecialist Study Area:Auteur (AL )Rationale for study• Vertigo, although not a critical or box-office success on its first release is now considered by many to be Alfred Hitchcock’s most compelling and beautiful film, rated as the best film ever made in the 2016 Sight and Sound poll, calling it “Hitchcock’s masterpiece to date and one of the four or five most profound and beautiful films the cinema has yet given us.” An overwhelmingly romantic psychological study of sexual obsession, masculine insecurity, voyeurism and manipulation it is a film that rewards multiple viewings, growing more disturbing with each one.STARTING POINTS - Useful Sequences and timings/links• Opening titles and sequence 0:00:20 – 0:04:11• Scottie discovers Judy Barton, spec...