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V I C T O R I A N W O M E N W R I T E R S A N D T H EWO M AN Q U E S T I O NWomen writers dominated the vast novel market in VictorianEngland, yet twentieth-century criticism has, until now, been chief-ly concerned with a small number of canonical novelists. Thiscollection of essays by leading scholars from Britain, the USA, andCanada opens up the limited landscape of Victorian novels byfocusing attention on some of the women writers popular in theirown time but forgotten or neglected by literary history. Spanningthe entire Victorian period, this study investigates particularly therole and treatment of ‘‘the woman question’’ in the second half ofthe century. There are discussions of marriage, matriarchy, anddivorce, satire, suffragette writing, writing for children, and linksbetween literature and art. Moving from Margaret Oliphant andCharlotte Mary Yonge to Mary Ward, Marie Corelli, ‘‘Ouida,’’and E. Nesbit, this book illuminates the complex cultural andliterary roles, and the engaging...