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212 Phronimon, Vol 2 2000 THE CORIC COLUMN: A REPRESENTATION OF THE NORM OF VIRTUE EA Maré University of South Africa At the previous conference my purpose was to give a rhetorical interpretation to the sacred geometry of the west façade of the Parthenon, the best-known of all Greek tempies, the apogee of Hellenic architecture, built by architects Ichtinus and Callicrates for Perieles, the client, from 447-32 BC, on the Acropolis in Athens.1 In the present paper I wil! take as my point of departure the analysis of the diagram of the west (or east) façade of the Parthen-superior "high" ldeas representation "Iow" inferior Figure 1 demigods/underworld A diagrammatic representation of the east façade of the Parthenon representing the Greek concept of hierarchy of being. Phronimon Special Edition 2000 213 on, which can be interpreted to symbolise the hierarchy or orderly succession of ways of being (figure 1). It is suggested that the society for which classica I temples were built understo...