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9771833141017ISSN 1833-1416SPRING 2022 * AU/NZ $13.95 SANCTUARY.RENEW.ORG.AUISSUE 60FLOOD RESILIENCE SPECIALWATERWISEFlood-resilient design in actionRetrofit tips for fast flood recovery; sustainable tapware; mid-century gem restored; slow the flow in your garden 50HOUSE PROFILEFiona and Steve’s rejuvenated Brisbane home features a new multi-use room as well as clever water management and landscaping to handle overland flow. Right on the river, the Brisbane suburb of Yeronga has seen its fair share of floods. Steve and Fiona are long-time local residents: “We were living in the area in 2011 and were aware of the characteristics of that flood,” says Steve. “We’re very fortunate that our current house is on higher ground so we don’t have to deal with Brisbane River flooding, but it has an overland flow overlay associated with a gully across the back third of the property.” What might have dissuaded other buyers, though, hydro engineer Steve saw as an opportunity and a challenge. “You can...