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WATER WISE LANDSCAPE HANDBOOKSave water and enjoy a beautiful yard with these landscape tips Colorado is a dry state, averaging only 15 inches of precipitation a year. By using Xeriscape techniques, watering your landscape efficiently and implementing sustainable gardening practices, you can reduce your water use and maintain a stunning yard that complements Colorado’s natural beauty. Xeriscape principlesXeriscape organizes high- and low-water-use plants to maximize watering efficiency and create a landscape that’s sustainable in Colorado’s dry climate. Denver Water coined the word in 1981 to help make water-efficient landscaping an easily recognized concept. Xeriscape is a combination of the word “landscape” and the Greek word “xeros,” which means dry.If designed properly, Xeriscape can be lush, colorful and easy to care for. The Xeriscape concept is based on seven principles: • Plan and design• Soil amendment• Efficient irrigation• Mulch• Plant zones• Alternative turf grasses• Mainte...