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Waterwise Gardening with XeriscapeBy Lorraine Brooks (Maui CES) and Diane Moses (Honolulu Board of Water Supply)The state of Hawaii is experiencing drought that in some areas of the islands is considered extreme (http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/DM_state.htm?HI). Master Gardeners can help provide the gardening public with information on selecting planting material and adopting water conserving practices. Xeriscape comes from the Greek word xeros which means dry and scape in English (when used as a suffix) means “wide view of a particular type,” thus a drought tol-erant landscape is called a Xeriscape. Drought tolerant plants come to mind when people think about xeriscaping. However, xeriscaping can simply mean designing a garden or landscape to use water efficiently. In other words, your design may not be entirely comprised of drought tolerant plants. You may have plants with higher water requirements that are grouped together with other plants of similar needs. Xeriscaping also encourages ...