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Aims and learning outcomesThis section builds on Section 8 “Communication Skills”. It explores:• how dementia can change the way a person communicates, and • strategies that help effective communication.At the end of this training session participants will be able to:• recognise dementia related communication changes• recognise the two way process of communication with people who have dementia• apply effective strategies in communicating with people who have dementia.Associated materials• PowerPoint presentation: 11 Communication 2007.• 11.1 Exercise: Whispers cards (preparation required).• 11.5 Exercise: Communication• 11.1 Handout: Communicating with a person with dementia.• Assessment Task 6: The Need for Good Communication.• Assessment Task 7: Maintaining Relationships.Facilitator note: Link this section with “8 Communication Skills” and take account of specific cultural mores about communication.Each person with dementia is unique and there are many forms of dementia that affect t...