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Ways of Seeing NetflixForeword to Studies in World Cinema special issue: “World Cinema in the Age of Netflix”Ramon Lobato School of Media and Communication, RMIT University, Melbourne, [email protected] international expansion of Netflix – presently the world’s largest and most significant subscription video-on-demand service – presents fascinat-ing challenges for film research. How can scholars make sense of a platform that is available in 190-odd countries but which varies markedly in its offer-ings, pricing, business operations and market positions across the globe? What can be said about Netflix’s geographically-mutable libraries and the enormous and heterogeneous reservoir of texts that they make available to subscribers? Should we approach Netflix as a distributor, producer, network, or platform? How can we reconcile Netflix’s disruptive character with its equally obvious tendency to mimic and absorb business-as-usual practices? How can Netflix audiences be stu...