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7/21/08 12:37 PMOhio Agronomic Crops Network: Print VersionPage 1 of 2http://corn.osu.edu/print.php?storyID=1323&PHPSESSID=57ca01779c85287c13f49b9ec848e38cCrop Observation and Recomendation NetworkC.O.R.N Newsletter 2008-01 January 10, 2008 - January 23, 2008 Weed Management Resources Mark LouxThe 2008 Weed Control Guide for Ohio and Indiana is available as OSU Extension Bulletin 789 or Purdue publicationWS16. This annually updated publication include new herbicides that received federal registration by September of theprevious year, as well as pertinent label changes. New herbicides included in the 2008 guide: Authority First/Sonic, Authority MTZ, Envive, Valor XLT, Halex GT,SureStart, and Prefix. Herbicide effectiveness tables have been modified to include all new herbicides. Products are now also rated for residualand postemergence control of marestail in soybeans. The effectiveness table for postemergence soybean herbicidesnow contains ratings for various types of herbicide resista...