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California Linguistic Notes Volume XXXV No. 1 Winter, 2010 Robert D. Borsley, Tallerman, Maggie, and Willis, David. The syntax of Welsh. (Cambridge Syntax Guides) Cambridge, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007. (xix, 388) This concisely constructed text is represented not as a reference grammar but a survey of a range of topics, treated with approaches oriented toward Principles and Parameters theory and to Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. The text progresses through eight chapters devoted to structural components, ending with a chapter on the history of Welsh and one on its VSO typology. The long Introduction situates Welsh historically and genetically among Celtic languages, notes highlights of its development and variation, discusses its status as a head initial and VSO language and its clause structure, and introduces the intriguing processes of the well known phenomena of mutation that characterize Welsh morphophonemics. This first chapter not only provides a thorough ...