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The Colorado Lawyer | October 2008 | Vol. 37, No. 10 35FAMILYLAWBankruptcy and Divorce:What Divorce Counsel Should Know About Bankruptcyby David C. Hoskins and Ellen R. WelnerWith the passage ofthe Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of2005,some ofthe bank-ruptcy rules and procedures have changed.This article discusses the interplay ofdivorce and bankruptcy,includ-ing the importance oftiming,the respective jurisdictional limits,the discharge ofdebt,and the application oftheautomatic stay.Financial difficulties are commonplace in divorce.1It is notunusual for the financial stresses of divorce to lead to bank-ruptcy for one or both parties,or for insolvency and theneed for bankruptcy relief to be the precursor to divorce.Bank-ruptcy attorneys must be able to identify and advise clients aboutissues arising out of separation and divorce that could affect abankruptcy case.Family lawyers also should be aware of the issuescommon to both proceedings.Colorado district courts...