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American International Journal of Social Science Vol. 3, No. 7; December 2014 100 What is the Successful Film Localization? The Case Study of Dub Localized Songs in Garfield Story Vilmantė Liubinienė, Prof.dr. Sandra Beniušytė - Milašienė, MA Department of Modern Languages and Intercultural Communication Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Kaunas University of Technology Kaunas, Lithuania Abstract Animated feature films, intended for the entertainment of family and children in particular, could be considered a real challenge for localizers. The paper aims at analyzing dub localization of songs in the animated film Garfield’s 2as compared to the original –Garfield Story. The research has revealed that the songs have undergone the greatest modification during localization: the original sound tracks have been replaced by Lithuanian popular songs, both pop and folk. The verses have been trans-created, the original music tracks changed or, on the contrary, added to replace the p...