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WHAT SKILLS DO EMPLOYERS WANT Everyone talks about skills but, what are they and what do they mean? • People skills:Teamwork; Leadership; Interpersonal Skills; oral communication; written communication. • Self­Reliance Skills: Self­Awareness; Networking;Time Management. • Generalist Skills:Problem­Solving; IT/ ICT / Computer Literacy; Flexibility / Adaptability; Numeracy; Commitment/ Motivation; Commercial Awareness. You need to knowwhat you are good at and have the evidence to prove it. If you record all your skillsgained through your work experience, part timework, voluntary work or social activities, in or out of university, it makes it easier to complete CVs, resumes and application forms. People Skills • Teamwork:The ability to work cooperatively with others to achieve shared goals, showing diplomacy and flexibility when there are conflicting opinions; supporting other people’s performance to achieve the best possible results. • Leadership:The ability to take control of a situatio...