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E-BookWhat software is usedin logistics? E-BookWhat software is used inlogistics?Logistics software are all those digital solutions that allow you to manage,control and optimize the different logistics processes from both a strategicand daily operational point of view. In order to be prepared for today'sneeds, it is important to know what software is used in logistics nowadays.Logistics is complex as it integrates a multitudeof activities with many actors involved.Likewise, logistics has a great connection withthe rest of the company's activities and,therefore, is affected to a great extent bydecisions and situations derived from otherfactors that are not properly logistical, such assudden changes in demand, new productslaunch or expansion to new territories, amongmany other examples.IntroductionThe digitization is currently a key aspect for the future of companies of all sizes. However, thecomplexity of logistics mentioned above is also visible in the variety of types of software forl...