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What to Consider as the Automation Economy Transforms Business TodayArtificial intelligence is shaping the job market, customer expectations and the bottom line.By Tom Tobin, NICE Ltd Copyright © 2017 NICE Ltd. All rights reservedWhether we are already living in the “Automation Economy” is a matter of debate, but it won’t be for much longer. The current wave of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is transforming the business landscape, with machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation (RPA) and other advancements allowing companies to automate an increasing number of routine tasks once performed by humans. As they do, they are causing what observers describe as seismic shifts in the world economy.Much as the Industrial Revolution touched every aspect of society, so too is automation as it expands across industries. In fact, the World Economic Forum has dubbed these new innovations the Fourth Industrial Revolution.“The speed of current breakthroughs ha...