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Rubber Bandzzles: Three Mathematical Puzzle-Art ChallengesGeorge HartMuseum of MathematicsAbstract It is possible to ignore many boring office meetings if you can distract yourself with handy office supplies. Should there be rubber bands lying about on the conference table of your next dreary meeting, here are three artistic challenges for entertaining yourself: The Worm, Infinity Squared, and Pentadigitation.1. The Worm The Worm is a miniature sculpture and a study in conservation of twist. I’ve enjoyed replicating it hundreds of times over the years. As Fig. 1 indicates, The Worm is a single rubber band very tightly wound. It is twisted as in a rubber-band powered propeller airplane ready to go, but completely stable. It does not untwist even if picked up and stretched. Can you discover how to make one before reading my solution below? Fig. 1: The Worm. 2. Infinity SquaredInfinity Squared is a kinetic sculpture which you make with one rubber band and the thumbs and two fingers of eac...