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80 / LanDscape architecture magazine may 2012 WhatKate OrffSeeSShe helped turn the Subway into a Safari. She plotted the oySter’S comeback to new york city. lately, She haS trolled the louiSiana bywayS, where the petroleum induStry reignS, and found the inverSe groteSque of american conSumption. By meLanie rehaKPatrick Pantano LanDscape architecture magazine may 2012 / 8382 / LanDscape architecture magazine may 2012Patrick PantanoThe first time it’s mentioned, Orff is piloting a rented white Mustang along a stretch of Interstate 10 between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is early on a January morning, and a light fog drifts around the car, but it can’t cover the ugly, overdeveloped landscape we move through. Chain hotels even-tually give way to a huge water park that juts into the horizon, a Hooters, and a sign for something called, apparently without irony, “Ye Olde Downtown Outlet Shops.” It seems like the least likely place on earth to talk about the natural world, but Or...