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WHIPLASH by Damien ChazelleScript provided for educational purposes. More scripts can be found here: http://www.sellingyourscreenplay.com/library BLACK... We hear a HIT. A drumstick against a drum head. Crisp, sharp.Then a second hit. Then a third and a fourth. The hits growing so fast they start to blur together. Like gunfire...INT. NASSAU BAND REHEARSAL STUDIO - GEHRING HALL - NIGHT11A cavernous space. Sound-proofed walls. And in the center, a DRUM SET. Seated at it, in a sweat-marked white T, eyes zeroed on his single-stroke roll, is ANDREW NEIMAN. He’s 19, slight, honors-student-skinny -- except for his arms, which have been built from years and years of drumming. Suddenly -- a MAN enters the practice room. Stopping, rising-- ANDREWSorry... I’m -- I’m sorry-- MANIt’s ok. Stay there. The MAN steps forward, removes his coat. He’s tall. Late fifties. Black T-shirt, black slacks, black shoes. We’ll know him as FLETCHER. The room is silent now. And then, softly, as he’s one of those peo...