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Whitsundays Ngaro underwater marine sculpture trailTRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE The images in these artworks share traditional ritual knowledge of the Ngaro community. Ngaro traditional owner names for some common marine animals (from Whitley 1936)Coral Trout GulmulaParrotfish YaounaSpangled emperor YairkunnaGiant Trevally DungurraSpanish Mackerel WudunaEagle Ray UngurraShark (4 kinds) Kumbunda, Gulibulu, Muggi, Millidulu Turtle, green DiwaiaTurtle, Loggerhead DindilunaTurtle, Hawksbill MaeyilaSea snake WurijaClam NungaCoral, Organ Pipe WirranaRock Lobster WungunuraCrab GungwiyaSAFETYSafety and respect is important so please admire and take photographs but don’t touch the artwork.Depth: 6.7 mLocation: -20.04365 148.88150Depth: 4.3 mLocation: -20.06105 148.95601Depth: 7.7 mLocation: -20.08338, 148.88167Depth: 6.1 mLocation: -20.06096 148.95596 Depth: 2.5 mLocation: -19.97894. 148.26224Depth: 8.8 mLocation: -20.08342. 148.88197Images © Reef Ecologic and Riptide Creative Whitsundays Ngaro underw...