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Henry Moore’s Old Flo and Canary Wharf Who was Henry Moore?What was his inspiration?Why was Old Flo in east London?Other public art to see in Canary Wharf International fame Shortly after World War Two, some of Moore’s sculptures were shown in America and Italy – they created huge interest. Before long, he was one of the world’s most famous artists. Today, his works can be found in most major cities.Moore died in 1986, aged 88, at his home in Perry Green, Hertfordshire. Visitors there can see his studio as he left it, and admire many of his works in a beautiful countryside setting.One of east London’s most famous residents is back – and on display in Canary Wharf, Tower HamletsShe’s back!Henry Moore A great artist’s lifeHenry Moore is one of Britain’s most famous artists and his sculptures now sell for millions of pounds Early daysHenry Moore was born in 1898, in Castleford in Yorkshire. He loved art but his father, a coal miner, thought it would be difficult to earn a living as an art...