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Will using benefits hurt my chances of getting a Green Card or becoming a U.S. Citizen? RIGHT NOW: It will NOT hurt your chances of getting a green card if YOU, your CHILDREN, or other FAMILY members get:  Health Care Programs: Medicaid, prenatal care, “Obamacare”, other low-cost medical care...  Food Programs: SNAP/Food Stamps, WIC, School meals...  Other non-cash programs: public housing, childcare, job training…  It does Not hurt your chances if only your children get cash benefits: TANF, Supplemental Security In-come (SSI), General Assistance… You MIGHT have a problem getting a green card later ONLY if:  YOU get CASH benefits: TANF/welfare, Sup-plemental Security Income (SSI), General Assis-tance (GA)...  OR your family’s only income is cash benefits  OR you are in a nursing home/Long-Term Care paid by Medicaid DO NOT have a green card yet? Do you qualify for VAWA or a U/T—VISA or Are you a REFUGEE or ASYLEE? What is the Public Charge Test? The Public Charge test applies to ...