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Lindsey Manufacturing Co. ©2016 Lindsey Manufacturing Co. 760 N. Georgia Ave., Azusa, CA 9702 USA www.lindsey-usa.com +1-626-969-3471 1 Publication Number 10C-002 STAPLES • August 2016 TVI - Insulated Fishhook™ Staples WOOD POLE STAPLES Unique Features of TVI-Insulated Fishhook Staples  Securely holds grounding and bonding wires while insulating the wire from the staple.  Insulation eliminates the sparks that cause RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and TVI (Television Interference).  Insulation prevents crossarm and pole fires caused by current flowing through the staple.  Insulation prevents corrosion caused by contact between galvanized staple and aluminum ground wire. Features Common to All Lindsey Fishhook Staples  Fishhook design holds staple in position even under extreme weather variations (See photo at left).  Prevents staples loosening caused by ground wire flapping in high winds.  Discourages theft of copper ground wire because fishhook staples are very difficult to r...