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WORK ETHICS AND TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS I. Work Ethics There are a few definitions of work ethic skills. • A set of moral principles that an employee uses in the performance of his/her job. • The amount of determination and dedication that someone has towards his/her job • Basically, how you feel about your job and career Employees with excellent work ethic often receive special projects and opportunities because they are reliable, dedicated and disciplined. Employers would want to work with employees with good work ethics because they get the job done effectively with minimal supervision. Below are some examples of work ethic skills that employers are looking out for. Based on your past experience as an employee, can you quote some examples/scenarios to illustrate your strong work ethics? • Integrity • Emphasis on high quality of work • Professionalism • Discipline • Sense of Responsibility • Teamwork • Productivity II. Transferrable Skills Transferable skills are the skills (usually sof...