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National Statistics Workplace Safety and Health Report 2021 WORKPLACE SAFETY & HEALTH REPORT, 2021____ CONTENTS Overview of Trends Business Under Surveillance Notations, List of Charts and Statistical Tables Key Facts Page 1 Page 4 Page 7 Work Injury Compensation Page 27 Page 28 Medical and Hygiene Surveillance Page 29 Annex C – Medical and Hygiene Surveillance Annexes Annex D – Sources of Data Annex E – Data Coverage Page 59 Page 60 Annex F – Concepts and Definitions Page 61 Annex A – Statistical Tables Annex B – Business Under Surveillance Page 33 Page 57 Page 58 WORKPLACE SAFETY & HEALTH REPORT, 2021 1 - : Nil or negligible n.a. : Not applicable/Not available Note: (I) Data presented in this report reflect revised methodology and improved classification of entities by industries, including the revision due to Singapore Standard Industrial Classification 2015 (version 2018). Data prior to 2013 is strictly not comparable. (II) Prior to January 2021, workplace major and minor injury nu...