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Vancouver’s public spaces – our plazas, squares, streets, laneways, pathways, and waterfront – are where public life happens. These spaces are where we connect with the city and with each other. They are where community is created. The City enables and encourages creative uses of streets and public rights-of-way through pilot projects, competitions, and funding partnerships, and also explores seasonal and permanent pedestrian-priority streets and spaces. In all cases, balancing the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit, services, and delivery vehicles requires careful consideration. Social interaction and creative expression in public spaces benefits our health, generates economic activity, and makes cities more vibrant and inspiringPublic spaces are enhanced and activated through a number of City programs, including Special Events, Street Vending (food and non-food), Busking, Public Art, and Green StreetsPublic spaces are open and accessible to all, and free to useDid You Know? Publ...