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Year 3: Art and Design –Farm AnimalsWhat should I already know?Enjoy using a variety of malleable media such as clay, papier mache, salt dough. Impress and apply simple decoration. In Art and Design westudy artists and use different medium to express our feelings and experiences.Weare learning to improve our mastery of art and design techniques, includingsculpture with clayand about great artists, architects and designers in history.Artists and ArtisansNICK MACKMAN is an award winning artist who creates wonderful, living animal sculptures.Beth CavenerStichter, is an American artist based out of Montana. A classically trained sculptor, her process involves building complex metal armatures to support massive amounts of clay.Dame Elisabeth Jean Frinkwas anEnglishsculptor and printmaker. The three essential themes in her work as "the nature of Man; the 'horseness' of horses; and the divine in human formTop Clay Tips•Use different tools to create different textures. •Clay can be brittle an...