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All rights reserved Yip Yew Chong 2021Yip Yew Chong’s Solo Art Exhibtion 17 - 22 Feb 2021 The Substation + 26 Feb - 31 Mar 2021 Sofitel Singapore City Centre Walk into the Art Listen to the Conversations Let the Stories unfold Stories from Yesteryear All rights reserved Yip Yew Chong 2021 All rights reserved Yip Yew Chong 2021Stories from Yesteryear “Stories from Yesteryear” is a series of 23 canvas paintings, 4 digital paintings and 3 paper sketches depicting scenes of Singapore’s bygone era. Painted between 2017-2021, it is my dream to visually document my impressions of the Singapore I grew up in on canvases. My impression of Singapore began in my childhood days with the chaotic but charming Chinatown. In my youth, I was further exposed to Singapore’s other diverse cultures and landscapes, that I fondly immersed myself in. As I painted these impressions, I felt like I was reliving those times and spaces — walking through busy streets, riding through timeless rivers, flying over anci...