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Your future in STEM: A-ZPEUK A1956 Version 1.0 | UKS | June 2020 | DCL1: PublicWhere might science take you?Your future in STEM: A-Zis forZoologist©123rf/Jozsef Szasz-FabianPlease can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your job? My name is Alice and I’m a zoologist. I studied zoology at the University of Glasgow during which I worked in a few different countries on fieldwork projects to help the conservation of endangered animals. I recently worked in the endocrinology lab at Chester Zoo, where I helped zookeepers keep track of the health of their breeding animals. Now I’m studying a PhD in animal behaviour with The University of Liverpool as one of Chester Zoo’s conservation scholars. This means I get to keep working with the science team and apply my research to captive species in zoos. A typical day for a zoologist is very variable. When I was doing fieldwork, I would spend whole days outdoors looking for a specific animal species, counting the number I could find in an ...