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www.leemock.comAbout our FirmHistoryManaging PartnerSenior Partners04060708Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Materials & Chemistry GroupMechanical & Mechatronics Group1016Electrical & Electronics GroupTrademark & Copyright Group2436Overseas Supporting GroupAdministration GroupContact384042Y. P. LEE, MOCKPARTNERS&Intellectual Property Law SEOUL, KOREAContents www.leemock.comLEADING IP LAW FIRM IN KOREAY.P. Lee, Mock & Partners is an IP law firm providing a full range of services in all fields related to intellectual property. The firm consists of around 340 employees, including more than 170 IP attorneys and attorneys-at-law, working together to provide the firm’s full range of services to the full satisfaction of both domestic and overseas clients.Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners has been often referred to as the largest IP law firm in Korea, but this is only one of the many ways to describe our firm. We have always strived to provide quality services to our clients. Since our inception in 1985,...