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Age: 8+ (Parental help required for scissors) Z is for… Zoology Zoology is the study of animals. Zoologists (people who study animals) may examine animals’ bodies and how they live. They may also work with behaviors and environments in which the animals live. Some may work with animals in the wild, while others may work in zoos or exhibits. Some zoologists study how animals have changed over time. Zoologists may study animals that are extinct too, meaning they aren’t living anymore. They can look at fossils or remains of the animals and learn more about life on earth before humans. Activity: Make a bird feeder Materials needed: • Plastic milk container with cap • Scissors • wooden coffee stirrer • birdseed mix • Mini cup • Water • Masking tape, • Possible decorations: paint, stickers, markers • Glue or glue gun • Twine or thin rope • Pen Instructions: 2 1. Cut an opening into at least one side of the container. Cut the opening in a circles shape, it should be at least one inch above th...