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Degree group A: Zoology/Animal Biology1/Marine & Freshwater Biology Structure and courses taught Year 1 Courses2 (120 credits required) Biology-1A and 1B (2x20 credits) Science Fundamentals 1X and 1Y or Chemistry (40 credits) Other optional courses (40 credits) Examples of Year 1 optional courses: Environmental biology, Exploring the cosmos, Earth science, Archaeology, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Languages Year 2 Courses2 (120 credits required) Fundamental skills in Biology compulsory course – Semester 1 (30 credits) Optional course – Semester 1 (30 credits) Animal Biology, Evolution and Ecology – Semester 2 (30 credits) Optional course (recommend covering another degree path) -– Semester 2 (30 credits) Year 3 Courses2 (120 credits required) Zoology/ M&F Biology 3A (60 credits) Ecology OR Freshwater field course at SCENE Core skills in animal biology Invertebrate biology and self-teach units Aquatic ecosystems and field course at Millport FSC Applied evolution Vertebrate life Ap...