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UH MānoaZoologyGraduateProgram Zoology Graduate Program•who we are•news & reminders•celebrate 2020-2021 accomplishments•introduce 2021 cohortMeeting Outline Zoology Graduate Program(hosted by School of Life Sciences)•12 MS students & 27 PhD students•27 Regular Faculty (former Dept. of Biology):16 Level 3 (active)0 Level 211 Level 1 (emeritus)•21 Cooperating Faculty:14 Level 3 (other UHM units)3 Level 2 (other UHM units)4 Level 1 (emeritus & non-UH) Zoology Graduate ProgramMark HixonChair, Zoology Graduate [email protected] CowieChair, Graduate Instruction [email protected] People Zoology Graduate ProgramPia DizonSchool of Life Sciences [email protected] LagmayGraduate Academic [email protected] People