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ZOOLOGY MAJOR NAME: __________________________________ Entering Major: _____________ Graduation:____________ GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 1. Complete all Biology Core, Upper Division Zoology, Physical Sciences/Math, and AUCC Requirements. 2. Minimum of 120 total credits. 3. Minimum of 42 upper division credits (300 level or above). *30 upper division credits must be in-residence at CSU 4. Minimum of 2.0 CUMULATIVE GPA. GRADE REQUIREMENTS Must earn at least a C- in all the Biology Core, Upper Division Zoology, and Physical Sciences/Math courses. This also applies to courses taken as substitutions for these requirements. ZOOLOGY CORE REQUIREMENTS LIFE102 Attributes of Living Systems (4) LIFE103 Biology of Organisms (4) OR BZ110 Principles of Animal Bio (3) BZ111 Principles of Animal Lab (1) BZ120 Principles of Plant Biology (4) BZ212 Animal Bio: Invertebrates (4) BZ214 Animal Bio: Vertebrates (4) BZ220 Introduction to Evolution (3) LIFE320 Ecology (3) BZ310 Cell Biology (4) BZ350 Molecular & ...