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1 UNDERGRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL MAJOR CHANGE BULLETIN NO. 8 Spring 2016 --REQUIREMENTS— Faculty Senate Approved March 10, 2016 The requirements listed below reflect the undergraduate major curricular changes approved by the Catalog Subcommittee since approval of the last Undergraduate Major Change Bulletin. All changes are underlined. Deletions are crossed out. The column to the far right indicates the date each change becomes effective. Dept Proposed Effective Date Biological Sciences Revise graduation requirements for Bachelor of Science in Zoology - PreVeterinary / Animal Care Zoology - Pre-Veterinary/Animal Care Option (120 Hours) A minimum of six years is required to obtain the DVM degree. Two or more years of preprofessional (pre-veterinary) training must be taken followed by four years of professional study in veterinary medicine. The following curriculum will allow students to finish preprofessional academic requirements in two years. This schedule is rigorous. A student who c...