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Zoology is the study of animals, ranging from microscopicinvertebrates to the largest animals to ever live on the planet.An education in Zoology prepares you to start a careerworking in any of the broad levels of life, from working onthe cellular level, to working on a specific species orindividual animal, or all the way up to working on totalecosystems or the whole biosphere. Work can be as varied asdoing research on topics such as animal behavior, cellularbiology, or ecology, working in animal husbandry, being onthe frontlines of conservation, or being the neighborhoodveterinarian.What can you do with a major inZoology? https://col.st/430hELearn more about occupations involvingZoology: https://col.st/bSpLiLearn more about careers in Zoology from aprofessional association: https://zaa.org/See current opportunities inZoology: https://col.st/LHJiWZOOLOGYVeterinary TechnicianPark RangerScience TeacherWildlife RehabAssistant/KeeperWildlife OfficerAnimal Care TechnicianAquarium BiologistRe...