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University of New Hampshire 1ZOOLOGY (ZOOL)Zoology is a field within the biological sciences that is dedicated to thestudy of animals: their classification, evolution, and development alongwith their habits, behaviors, and relationships. The zoology majors (B.S.and B.A.) build on the core biology curriculum by including courses incomparative morphology, physiology, and a wide selection of animalsurvey classes. In the Bachelor of Science degree program, you willtake a series of foundational courses in biology, chemistry, physics,statistics, and ecology while having the flexibility to specialize withinthe major and/or the pursuance of a minor. The Bachelor of Arts degreein zoology is designed as a flexible program, allowing you to pursue aninterdisciplinary or dual major for a career in fields such as education,conservation, and public relations.The University's location and facilities provide unique opportunitiesfor the study of aquatic and terrestrial animals due to its access tothe seaco...